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I’m Susie Emmons (aka Gigi), a creative force, avid quilter and passionate teacher
of quilt making!

Quilting has always been a part of my life, truly, a lifelong hobby of mine.  Early in
life, I found I loved everything; well, I loved bits and pieces of everything.  My early
inspirations came visually via architecture, nature, and mostly from the colors and
shapes of many different things.  As my life matured, I found my passion for this art
form soared and found numerous creative outlets by designing (quilt) patterns,
consulting for an international quilt firm and owning my own business, and through it
all… I’ve been quilt making!

I’m passionate about sharing the art of quilt making with adults & kids! I invite you
(or your child) to join me in this wonderful creative adventure through classes I teach
at Gigi’s Quilt Camp at The Studio deep in the Heart of Southlake, Texas.

Information regarding upcoming classes, registration forms and fees are located
on this site.

Should you have questions… please send an email to:

I’m ‘sew’ excited to share the art of quilt making with you!